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So this blog has been dormant for a while. That’s the problem with blogging. You have a lot you want to say, especially when you’re involved in an interesting project, but the more involved you are in a project the less time you have to blog. the classic dilemma.

My latest project revolves around the post 2015 agenda. so the powers that be at the UN are organising consultations with everyone under the sun, and there’s even an open discussion happening here. Reading through some of the comments made me raise my eyebrows a few time, and by the end of it I was wondering who’s the poor schmuck who has to sift through some of these rantings and present the post 2015 folks with coherent input. There is also a parallel process happening that involves the submission of position pieces from various NGO’s and academics. some of these are quite interesting, in particular i recommend reading the following:

The Gender and Development Network report (by Emily Esplen and Jessica Woodroffe) –

Jan Vandemoortele –

UN Task Team Report –

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr  –

Nicholas Burnett and Colin Felsman (on education post 2015) –

It seems the main issues being considered is how to keep the stuff the MDGs did well and how fix the MDG failures. except no one agrees on what was good and what wasn’t. another dilemma.

Even the high level buy-in and unprecedented donor support for the MDGs which seems to have been their biggest success, is considered by some to be a failure to engage national governments which has left the MDGs with little or very poor local level adaptation.

With regards to gender equality and the MDGs – I guess its too soon to say, but I get the impression (and i hope I’m not jinxing this) that the women’s movement is better coordinated these days and the majority is calling for both a dedicated goal as well as a process of gender mainstreaming.

The debates continue apace, so watch this space.