who moved my blog?

In search of my old blog with all its wonderful posts. Have most of them saved on word file – but still.

This made me think about ‘digital footprints’ and although we are often warned about the dangers of exposing too much of our lives online, and of the dire consequences of posting drunken pictures on facebook,  I wonder that no one talks about how things get lost online? About how we take certain repositories of information for granted, assuming our data or information, or blogs, or even passwords are stored somewhere. We give it no more thought until one day when we go looking they aren’t there anymore.

Maybe i’m the only one experiencing digital panic right now. But I was recently warned not to upgrade my iPhone’s operating system, as a friend had heard it would cause my address book to disappear. My fear of losing phone numbers is so strong, i have refrained from upgrading even though my phone keeps bleeping at me (so to speak) and begging me to upgrade it. The idea of copying my numbers onto my computer or an external drive seems too much of an effort, and so it seems my iPhone and I are at a standstill.

I reminisce in joy about the time, not too long ago, when I remembered all my friends’ landline numbers by heart. Whatever happened to remembering things? These days I have so many numbers, and passwords, and usernames – I need digital sticky notes on my phone and on my comp to remember them all. And then of course the one password you’re looking for alludes you exactly when you need it. I guess Murphy is having a good laugh at our attempts to be organized.

I might upload an oldie but goodie blog in the meantime – just to keep it interesting!





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